A quick and intuitive navigation :
We know that your time is precious. Therefore, the user friendly interface was programmed to make every click count. For example, to find John Smith, two clicks are needed : click on the S then click on the J and you will find John Smith!
Finding a student
Your school's code of conduct will be inserted in your Behaviour Profiler, making an observation entry really easy. The observation may include fields compatible with the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports) approach such as : • Function of Behaviour • Activity when the behaviour occured and its Location :
The Observation menu

A diverse list of different sanctions :
  • Reflection - The student writes a letter of apology or returns an object. The student must do or create something. When reflection is late,
                            a notice appears on the screen
  • Detention - The student must make up time in a detention room. The Behaviour Profiler will manage all of your student's detention agenda
                            and a notice appears on your start screen when a detention is skipped.
  • IEP/At-Risk Meeting - The student will receive help in order to complete an assignment or to receive academic help.
  • Community Work - Sometimes the best way to learn is to amend behaviour : clean his cafeteria table, is locker, etc..
  • Confiscation - The Behaviour Profiler will keep track of all objects you confiscated from a student and when they should be returned.
  • Classroom Time Out - In this instance, a student is asked to leave the classroom, stay in the hallway or sit in the 'thinking' chair.
  • Internal Suspension - You may assign 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or a full internal suspension day.
  • External Suspension - You may assign 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or a full external suspension day.
  • Other / notes (Congratulation, WOW, Notes)- Sometimes, you just need to note a good action or accomplishment by a student
                                                                                            (well behaved, Gold Medal, etc...)

  • One Behaviour Profiler's strength is to convert your data into powerful visual graphics :
    Overview of the daily interventions
    Analyse the school year
    The Rear View Mirror, your powerful data analyzer

    Can collect positive reinforcements data and will create PBIS charts :
    Your PBIS groups' informattion : Reinforcements vs Observations
    Your PBIS Pyramid

    The Behaviour Profiler can interface with :

    The Behaviour Profiler can export all student's history in MÉMO format towards the GPI system.

    The Behaviour Profiler can read an export file from Trillium and may interact directly with it when installed on an internal server at the school board office.

    The Behaviour Profiler is compatible with all administrative systems capable of exportaing data to a CSV file or other format.